I take a look at all aspects of your script including CHARACTER, DIALOGUE, STRUCTURE, PLOT, STORY and THEME. A story starts with character and that's where I'll begin assessing your script. Well-formed characters require a satisfying arc along with their own personal transformation and the story itself should aim to be a comment on the human condition.


I can guide you towards a solid structure and a clear narrative with your script. As much as there is a 'template' to screenplays, it is also important that your own brand of storytelling shines through. We come to rely on well-known script structures but a unique voice is also key. 


Below are my rates and I'm happy to talk through your project and your story goals before we proceed. Feel free to contact me HERE to set up a time to talk.





How do I get my script to you? 

E-mail is best: info@chelseacassio.com


What format does my e-mailed script need to be in?

Final Draft or PDF.


When can I expect my notes?

Generally written notes take 2 weeks and Zoom meetings can be scheduled within 7-10 days. Please contact me first for availability. 


How do I pay you?

PayPal or direct debit. Please contact me first to check availability and payment methods - chelseacassio@gmail.com. 


Feel free to email me with questions HERE.

Structural Assessment - Short Films and TV Pilots (under 35 pages). Specific notes marked up on your script and a one-hour feedback Phone/Zoom call to discuss. This is good if you’re looking for structural feedback on character, story, dialogue, plot, theme, marketability and anything else you'd like to discuss. 


Rate: $150 flat rate.

Outline/Synopsis/Treatment Read (up to 40 pages)

Just starting out and need an analysis of your outline, synopsis or treatment? This provides you a detailed discussion with comprehensive written notes and a two-hour phone/Zoom conference where we work through your concept. 


Rate: $190 flat rate. (Negotiable with a smaller page count)

Story Brainstorming

A writers' room set up to discuss your script or story in detail where you and I will break down your story and brainstorm solutions. The meeting can include brainstorming and plotting character profiles, character arcs, theme, structure, story and more. 


Rate: $60 an hour

Structural Assessment - TV Episodes & Feature Films. A marked up script, detailed written notes and a two-hour feedback Phone/Zoom call to discuss your script in detail. This is a great way to get specific and comprehensive feedback on your project with the added immediacy of a one-on-one conversation. Here we'll discuss character, story, dialogue, plot, theme, marketability and more. (maximum 70 pages for TV episode and 120 pages for feature film). 

Rate: $350 flat rate.

"Chelsea's assessment of my story not only took my writing to a whole new level, but I could never have achieved the end result without her.  She is a joy to work with and a consummate professional in every sense of the word." Samantha Murphy - Screenwriter

"On behalf of RMIT, I commend Chelsea on her outstanding teaching scale score of 98.6% for Assess TV Scripts." 

Fiona Peterson, Deputy Dean, 

RMIT School of Media and Communication

"After many years of experimenting with my vivid imagination it was finally Chelsea’s teachings that enabled me to craft my stories, characters and their worlds into works of art."

Helen P Barrett - RMIT Screenwriting student

"Chelsea genuinely cares that her students are learning and developing their skills. Her enthusiasm for teaching is infectious, as is her love for writing. Her focus on the practical side of writing and her experience in the industry was invaluable. I have never been to a class before where I was ALWAYS excited to attend purely because of the teacher!" Fiona Moody - RMIT Screenwriting student


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